About Us

We dance every Saturday night; rain, sleet, snow, hot or cold weather. We're
dedicated to having fun dancing, socializing, and meeting new singles.

Dances start promptly at 6:30 PM with our dance lessons that are included in the admission of $8.00 for members and $10.00 for guests. At 7:30 PM the DJ will kick off the music and we're into a gala evening. We rock, we roll, we shag, we slow dance, and we line dance until 10:30 PM.

Light snacks, finger foods and sodas are also available and is included in the admission price. At 9:00 PM we pause for a few announcements, a drawing for a couple door prizes, and a short devotion.

Immediately following the 9:00 PM announcements we transition into a "mixer dance" that we call "The Paul Jones". We have two of these mixer dances during the evening. It allows everyone to dance and meet new singles.

We dance til 10:30 PM then those so desiring to continue the evening head out to various places for coffee and conversation.
A summary of a typical Saturday evening dance
"Socializing With Friends and Forming New Relationships Since 1978
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