QUES. What's the dress code?
ANS - Casual to dressy casual except when announced formal or semi-formal.

QUES. What's the cost?
ANS - $8.00 for members and $10.00 for guests except for Patron's Appreciation night,
           Anniversary Ball, Christmas Dance, and New Years Eve. Those prices are advertised
           separately. The admission cost includes dance lessons at 6:30 PM, soft drinks, finger
           foods, and the DJ or Band.

QUES. What's the age group and normal attendance?
ANS - Minimum age is 18 and there is no maximam age. However, our music agenda appeals
           to singles about 30 and up. Normal attendance is about 80-135 every Saturday night.

QUES. What kind of music do you play?
ANS - A mixture of most popular dance music. We hire professional DJ's and Bands from
          around the Augusta area. The list includes as a minimum the following: 50/60's, Shag,
          line dances, slow music, country, waltzes, and mixer dances to mention a few.

QUES. What are the hours?
ANS - Action starts at 6:30 PM with dance lessons and the DJ kicks off at 7:30 PM and
          plays until 10:30 PM every Saturday night. Special events will run until 12:00 or
          12:30 AM depending on the event.
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